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As a near-invisible option, Invisalign® is perfect for teenagers. We know that many of our teenage patients can be concerned about aesthetics when opting for treatment and that is why we provide this innovative treatment for teens.

Invisalign Teen
What is Invisalign® for teens?

What is Invisalign® for teens?

Invisalign® clear aligners sit over the teeth to gently guide them into alignment. They are made from thin, medical grade plastic so they’re almost invisible and removable; ideal for busy, image conscious teens.

Invisalign® is a viable option for many patients with minor or more complex orthodontic needs. If your teen is considering orthodontic treatment that is reliable, comfortable, and discreet, Invisalign® clear aligners could be for them.

Plus, with our Dental Monitoring app, your teen can attend remote check-ins and send progress photos directly to your orthodontist, reducing interruptions to hobbies and studies.

Benefits of Invisalign® for teens

Invisalign® is always a popular orthodontic treatment with teenagers and provides them with a host of benefits:

  • Self-confidence – Invisalign® is virtually invisible so your teen can feel confident during treatment.
  • Reduced practice visits – you’ll spend less time in your orthodontist’s office with Invisalign®.
  • Faster treatment – With this treatment, you can straighten your teeth in good time.
  • Live as normal – you can remove your aligners before meal times so you can eat whatever and whenever you need to.
  • Comfortable – Invisalign® are custom made to your teeth to be sure of an accurate and comfortable fit, without wires or brackets.
  • Hygienic – you can remove your aligners for brushing and flossing meaning you can clean your teeth as normal.
Benefits of Invisalign® for teens
Invisalign® Teen consultation

Invisalign® Teen consultation

If your teen has all of their adult teeth, Invisalign® could be for them. Book a free consultation today at our Platinum Invisalign® tier practice.

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