Custom sports mouthguards

Many of our patients are active in sports, and we are committed to providing high-quality and effective equipment for mouth protection

Let us protect your smile

If you are a student athlete, you may be worried about how braces will affect you during practice and games. Taking a hit to the mouth can cause damage not only to your braces, but to your teeth and gums. Using a performance level mouth guard is the single best way to protect your smile when you are playing sports.

We create custom sports mouth guards (aka gum shields) by taking a detailed impression of your mouth and bite. Our state-of-the-art dental laboratory will then take that impression and build a mouth guard that forms perfectly to your teeth and braces.


Regular versus orthodontic mouth guards

Most shops that sell sports equipment also sell mouth guards. You may be wondering, why you should get an orthodontic mouth guard when you can purchase one at the local shop? While normal mouth guards are useful for guarding your teeth, they don’t fit very well around braces. The material gets softer with heat and will mould around your braces, even sticking to them and causing dislocation of brackets. This can lead to oral discomfort, and may add time to your orthodontic treatment.

At Melton Orthodontics, we design mouth guards that fit your specific bite and protect your teeth, gums, and braces all at the same time. We put a lot of work into your smile, and we are fully prepared to protect it with the highest-quality materials and technology available.