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Sports Mouth Guards

Protect your Smile and your Braces

Custom made sports mouth guards, also known as gum shields, are an essential piece of protection equipment for your teeth and braces in any contact sport.

Sports Mouth Guards

For a Comfortable, Tight and Highly Effective Fit

At Melton Orthodontics we will take a dental impression of your teeth to provide a custom made mouthguard that fits precisely, comfortably and securely.

Once our orthodontist has completed the dental impression of your teeth, the detailed impression will be sent to our dental laboratory and your custom mouthguard will be created to accurately contour the shape of your teeth. With such attention to detail, your new mouthguard will fit effortless over your and brace.

For more Information about custom made Sports Mouth Guards at Melton Orthodontics, please call us on 01664 481048 to speak to member of our Friendly Team

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